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Hannah's WTF List - February 12, 2019


February 12, 2019

The sports world is fucking stupid. We all know it; don’t even bother denying it. Pretty frequently I find myself looking at the news or other random shit that’s happening and all I can say is WHAT. THE. FUCK. Sometimes it’s a good WTF (Carter Hart being the best bean? Good WTF) More often it’s bad WTFs (Phil Housley scratching CJ Smith [again] even though he’s had 2 goals in his first 6 NHL appearances this year while Vlad Sobotka hasn’t had a goal in his last 39 games? WTF).

So here’s WTF happened this week. There are plenty of other WTF moments I’ve left off because I just felt like it OK?

3. Pitchers and Catchers started reporting today. That means baseball season is officially on deck. But, as we saw last off-season, there are still some (read: SO MANY) unsigned free agents. Last year wasn’t an exception, it seems like this is the rule now for baseball free agency and that’s dumb.

The two most coveted free agents, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, are still unsigned and until they put pen to paper, the rest of those average-to-good guys will just have to wait. Sorry pals, blame capitalism.

2. The Canucks are having season that no one expected them to. Elias Pettersson breathed new life into that franchise and now they’re knocking on the door of the western wildcard race, but honestly who isn’t at this point. That brings us to this WTF moment. On Monday night they started emergency call-up  Mikey DiPietro in goal because Jacob Markstrom was stiff (?????????) and Thatcher Demko hurt himself pre game against Philly last week.

So small child, Mikey DiPietro, who just over a month ago was at World Juniors for Canada and just about a week ago was playing in the CHL, got shelled against one of the best teams in the Western Conference. Who’s bright idea was it to give him his first NHL start against the Sharks? Why don’t they have literally any other goalie they could bring up? What the fuck Vancouver. Protect the baby goalies. PROTECT THEM.

1. David Pastrňák, henceforth to be called Pasta in this post, is out for at least 2 weeks after sustaining an injury to his thumb that required surgery. If you’re thinking “an injury to a hockey player isn’t a WTF moment” you’re usually correct, but this one is a little different.

From what we know, Pasta fell while trying to get to his ride after an event late Sunday night. We have no confirmation that this was a drunk incident. As someone who’s prone to falling when both drunk AND sober, I won’t say he was definitely intoxicated, but like, he probably was.

So the Bruins are going to be missing one of their best players for an important stretch of games as the jockey for one of the top 3 spots in the Atlantic or one of the two wild card spots. And it’s not like the race in the East is easy, even if it isn’t as tight as the Western Conference.