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Balls and Sticks

Episode 14: Winner Winner Buffalo Chicken Dinner

The losers (2:18) and winners (10:40) of the offseason (featuring Vancouver, Washington, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, New York, Buffalo, Toronto, and St. Louis), an analysis of last year’s top power play units (15:28).

In this podcast episode, we discuss the top power play units, by team and at the individual line level, from last year. This idea spawned from a comment on Biscuits, Dave Lozo and Sean McIndoe's podcast, about how it'd be more intuitive to express power play success in terms of time (e.g., this team scored every eight minutes on the PP) than simply success percentage. This was fairly easy to calculate on a team level, and then I went further to identify the top ~100 power play units from last year, those who logged at least 20 minutes together and netted at least one goal. (This was my first time using play-by-play data, so please let me know if something looks wonky!)

In the visualization below, you can see each team's scoring efficiency on the power play, in terms of minutes per goal and seconds per shot, along with the top 10 PP units by ice time and the top units by team. (If the visualization isn't showing up, refresh your page or click here.)

Meghan Hallhockey