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We started Balls and Sticks because we found something missing in the podcast space: two women, talking about our favorite sports (baseball and hockey, hence the balls and the sticks!) from an informed fan perspective. We definitely spend some time discussing our own teams (the Astros and the Leafs for Meg, the Tribe and the Sabres for Hannah), but we're baseball and hockey fans above everything, so we talk about it all. 

We love analytics, we love heartwarming stories, and we love players with personalities. (Not that there are too many of those in hockey, but...we're hopeful for the future.) We're equally likely to have in-depth discussions about which NHL teams have the most cap space problems, why ERA sucks as a baseball stat, and who had the best hockey playoff beards of the season.

Most importantly, we're all about the positivity. Sure, at times sports make us cry and/or throw things at our TV in rage (please don't ask Hannah or Meg about the Cubs or the Bruins, respectively), but more than anything we love being sports fans. We're pros at finding the silver lining, and we don't like trashing teams or players unless they actually deserve it.




(Check out Meg's data viz work and on Twitter @MeghanMHall)

After a literal lifetime of suffering, Meghan is still rejoicing that her Astros are World Series champions, and she hopes that the same glory is in sight for the Maple Leafs. (Everyone is allowed their one flaw.) Meghan is an active member of the hockey analytics community and presented on goalie pulling at the 2019 Seattle Hockey Analytics Conference. She is affiliated with Hockey-Graphs and a contributor to Nightingale.

Meghan is also a Texas expat living in New England, a professional data nerd by day, and one of the eight people in the US who follows professional cycling.




(Find Hannah on Twitter @hburrito92)

Hannah is your typical diehard Cleveland and Buffalo sports fan. Yes, she cried big fat tears when the Tribe made it to the World Series in 2016. Yes, she cried even more of them when they lost. 

One day she hopes to see her Sabres hoist Lord Stanley’s Shiny Drinking Vessel into the air. She dreams of the Tribe raising a World Series banner from this century. She believes that the Cavs will one day win the Larry O'Brien again. She sort of thinks the Bills can make it to the Super Bowl. She’s much less sure about the Browns, but she loves them anyway. 

Hannah is from Cleveland, went to college in Buffalo (and adopted it as her second home), and is an honorary Canadian. Don't mention Mike Trout around her unless you want a lesson on his entire career and his current stats.